Yes, I love eating but it is more that, so much more. Food is a feeling, it’s art for those who cannot paint.

It has been said that we eat with our eyes and see with our hearts. Then would it not be true to say that our plate is the canvas that allows us to sculpt passion. Cooking is an extreme expression of passion, one that lasts a lifetime and is passed down through the generations. A single recipe can be a time capsule of who we are as a people, a culture and as a person. Whether it is the perfectly crafted tomato sauce or steaming bowl of healing chicken soup, the simple act of combining humble ingredients is one that brings families and communities together.


It doesn’t matter if you are different from your neighbour, what matters is that at some time during the day we all break bread and maybe once, just once we could all share that with someone who we perceive as different and make the act of eating a unifying experience. It may serve to show us that we are truly the same. One people. One massive, 7 billion-strong community.


So, cook, create, pass on those time-tested recipes and experience a little spice of life by bringing together the flavours of other communities and have a wonderous experience.

That is why I cook.