Matcha seems to be everywhere, but do you really know what it is or even how to use it. Its health benefits are nothing sort of magical, being both stimulating and calming. A study found that Matchas’ antioxidants properties are up to 3 times higher other green teas.   Ceremonial in nature, Matcha Green Tea powder is now becoming a highly sort after ingredient by top chefs and experimental home cooks alike. From the Raspberry chocolates filled with Matcha cream to the Matcha and white chocolate Ice Cream.

I was asked by a lovely friend of The Goldmine to stock it because she just had a wonderful concoction called a Matcha Latte and was in desperate need to make her own at home. I arranged for a bag to be delivered, I followed her recipe and I too was blown away.

Creamy, green and luscious.

I am not really a tea drinker but this coffee inspired creation has me hooked. Basically, you take a spoon of this powder of the gods, place in a cup or mug, mix with a little water until smooth. You then heat up milk, any kind really, add to the enchanting green paste. Whisk or stir until again smooth and enjoy.

I do not know if it is the look, the taste or the health benefits but this fast trending drink – along with its Turmeric Latte cousin – is sweeping the globe.

Go on, enjoy a cup with me.


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