One of our team members is off on an unseasonably early holiday, and so we had Christmas lunch a little early this year.  But it was a great opportunity to use some of our best seasonal ingredients.  Maggie Beer’s delicious duck breast with sour cherries used fantastically versatile Vincotto to deglaze the pan while making the sticky, syrupy sour cherry breast with sour cherries We accompanied this with Nigella’s goose fat potatoes (here’s our Goose Fat) and a salad of rocket leaves, redcurrants and chopped hazelnuts with a balsamic and olive oil (because we needed to a little more fat) vinaigrette.  We followed this with more Nigella: her chestnut chocolate pots using our splendiferous and fabulously French sweetened chestnut puree.

Chestnut pots

Despite Nigella’s current difficulties, we still love her and all the festive recipes from the “Nigella Christmas” book.

Eighteen days to go: get cookin’ and get to the ‘mine for your festive and hard-to-find ingredients.