Over the weekend we were fortunate enough to be fed at a friend’s home by Cary, chef at Melbourne’s Society Restaurant.  In a wildly generous gesture, Cary has donated his time to cook for ten groups of people who made donations to the wonderful One Girl charity.  Cary and his lovely partner Casey, prepared, cooked, talked about and served the most magnificent four course meal.  Save time, and start salivating now as we list the dishes: baby bocconcini, blistered tomatoes and balsamic caviar; pea and mascarpone ravioli with a pistachio and pea sauce; slices of duck breast with a frisse, blood orange (so yum), pine nut and zucchini salad; and finally coconut panna cotta with macadamia praline and a midori gel. Because this was reality and not reality television, Cary and Casey prepared all of this without any tears, tantrums or taunts, and while we were all busy unceremoniously stuffing our faces, they cleaned up the host’s kitchen as well.

We very carefully watched Cary making the balsamic caviar by using a pipette to drip a mixture of  balsamic vinegar and agar agar into very cold olive oil. The simplest, yet tastiest, salad garnish. We will be definitely grabbing ingredients from the ‘mine to try this at home. Wish us luck!!making balsamic caviar

balsamic caviar garnish